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Aniexty and depression

Hi people in new to this I was bullied for 6 month now I've been diagnosed with aniexty and depression scared to go out for 5 minutes have panic attacks everyday I had to hand my flat in and no one listens to me I'm on fluxtine its like me against the world I've even tryed taking my own life I'm scares to do anything cause everytime I see him he chases me and police won't do anything I have too much anger in me I bottle everything up

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A couple things, if someone is bullying you to that point you need to call the police. if you are thinking of taking your life PLEASE call 999 or the appropriate emergency number. Let us know how it goes. Take care.

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So basically ya calling me a liar now I was so scared to tell anybody and I did make a statement but police didn't do anything he also was taking my jsa muni off him also I have a learning disability so why judge me my head is battered I have to stay with friends cause too scared to go out


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