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Do you guys think this is something serious?

Ok so i just got out of the shower and was getting dressed when i started feeling like i was gonna throw up, well then my head started hurting severely and the veins in my neck and head started throbbing and burning, it hurt so bad, then my vision blacked out and i couldnt see and then it felt like i had cotton in my ears and couldnt hear very well, then i fell to the ground because my legs went to jelly. All the pain and vision/hearing loss lasted about five minites then i was all shaky so i went and ate something to see if it would help and it did for a while and now im all shaky again. Should this concern me or do you think it wont happen again?

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It sounds like you went faint. A shower dilates your blood vessels anyway so all the head and neck pounding sounds like it's your body's way of pumping enough blood up to your brain to try and stop you fainting that's also why your legs turned to jelly because the blood is diverted to all the essential areas such as brain and heart to try to stop the faint. This has happened to me on a few occasions especially when I was pregnant with my daughter. But it is always worth getting it checked out to be on the safe side.


I'm concerned about the severe head pain and vision issues but you can still post here which makes me feel better. if you really couldn't see you should see a professional. Call your doc at the very least.


Anxiety does exactly that to me. It has warn me out. Getting into the shower this morning, I could hardly stand. My legs were jelly. My stomach was nauseated. My head started to pound. I felt like I couldn't see. Then I went to work. It is obviously anxiety or it would have not have stopped at all, even for a moment. Illnesses to not wean and wain. The stay with full force. Anxiety however, attacks and then retreats. It's a mean ole' thing.


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