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My son and I.


I know my son depends on me for so much and I have a fear of passing away leaving him to struggle. I hope to god I have just a few more years just to see him settled. My health haven't been good these past years . I dont know if my illnesses are a sign my bodies giving up , hope its just a anxiety pang and nothing more.

Must remember to take my mitrazipine tonight been on them for a few years now. Has anyone been on theses anti-depressants ?

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I have fear of dying and leaving my girls to grow without a mum. But that's because my dad passed when I was 7, and that's been my biggest fear. Nothing we can do there, except maybe go to the doc and get checked. Anxiety can give you a lot of different symptoms, physical amd mental. Hugs to you

Sorry, havent been on them. Unless you have a firm diagnosis you will probably live from what you've told us. I had extreme anxiety and used to worry about this all the time. Wasted time. My daughter is now 24 and I'm still here. just try to enjoy the time with your son! if you don't you'll regret it, trust me. I'm thinking of you.

Yes I'm on 45 mg daily for mirtazipan and I've been told that's really the maximum dose they allow. Sometimes if I take it at night, it can actually help me doze off to sleep. How do you find them ?

We getting closer I think as time goes on. Yes mitrazipine helps me sleep and gives me an appetite some times I do admit taking 90mgs if I feel particularly stressed and worried. I have been on settee more because i am having trouble with my achalasia. I do worry how my son will cope without me because i feel some times I haven't long to go.

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