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Scared out of my mind

Hi all I had my first anxiety attack when my second child was about 1 years old and it felt like a heart acttack....i had anther one about 3 years after that which was very bad atleast i thought that was my second one could have happend many times as i constantly had this pain in my left arm and left side...ive had alot of stress of divorce being a single mom and just life taking its toll on for the past few months ive been having this feeling as soon as i fall asleep i wake up with this shocking sensation through my body and my heart racing of fear....its starting to control my life and every night its like i wait for it to happen already....I am scared shitless....i have to sit up strate and tell myself okay you have a panick attack and breath so my heart beat can go back to normal when i lay back down i feel totally number...i hate it i hate i hate it!!!!!......i dont want to feel this way anymore and i dont want to make myself use to a working single mother the worry and stress is really draining me from the joys of life having to be constantly active...spome days i dont feel like doing anything.....please please help me

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sorry i ment numb.....not number...


sorry i ment numb.....not number..


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