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Anxiety & reflux ?


I have acid reflux & I was burping earlier . While burping it felt like I had trouble exhaling ..I have this anxious feeling in my upper Breast. Then my thighs get this sensation as if they my right upper Breast aches . Could this all actually be acid reflux & my anxiety is making think it's more? Im tryna relax but it's challenge . On top of this my throat is sore too, lower part of my throat . This all sucks. I wanna enjoy how comfy my new couch is pains in my stomach .,,like what is this acid reflux doing 😕

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Trapped wind can cause aches in surprising places. I get this all the time, moving about helps a bit, also rennies or similar. When it's really bad for me it feels something it's pressing on my heart , makes me v anxious, but it is only wind.

Hope you feel better soon, do something like reading to take your mind off it. Stress and anxiety messes with our digestive systems and although it's not nice you can get through it. Worrymagic

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Yeah , sometimes I forget that's all it is lol. But I'll definitely take your advice 😊 . Thanks


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