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You might find this link encouraging.... I did... just what I needed today.


Today and yesterday were unusual for me in that my anxiety lasted all day and evening without let up... Today I took every natural substance I a half a Xanax...(which I hated doing...)

So...just out of curiosity (not sure that is the word) I Googled 'my anxiety hasn't let up all day'...and I came up with this link... I read it and immediately felt some relief. One of my 'sayings' (from the Buddha) that I try to remember is: "What you resist, persists" is the link: I hope it will help you a little bit at least! <3

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Thank you Betty. I'm always ready to learn whatever I can to help myself in dealing with daily anxiety. I am so very sorry that the anxiety lasted all day. You must be thoroughly exhausted. I'm hoping that the 1/2 Xanax helped (it should have) Like you

I don't like taking benzos but I carry a bottle of Xanax with me just in case. I certainly hope the anxiety level will level out. That is a good saying from the Buddha, "What you resist, persists."

BettyA in reply to Agora1

Thanks, Agora! :)

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