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Me and my boyfriend had a huge argument last night, he'd had a few drinks and would not listen to how I was worried he hadn't text me. He gets very stubborn when he's had just even 2 drinks. I ended up taking him home. I feel so confused about everything and I keep replaying the argument in my head wondering if I'm to blame?! Does anyone else do this? I can't help but think it's all my fault, is this just natural for anxiety and depression sufferers. I don't want him to feel bad for anything although deep down we both know it was him doing the arguing. He just wouldn't let it rest, just kept arguing and arguing for at least an hour 😔 I feel really deflated today and it just keeps speeding around in my head 😕😓

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Sounds like your Boyfriend and drink are not a very good mix if it makes him so argumentative :-o

I do not think you should blame yourself even though when something like this happens we start of believing in what is right and by the time we have finished dissecting it we start to doubt ourselves which if we have anxiety it brings low self esteem in most and can be the reason for why we do this

I hope when he has not had a drink you get the opportunity to sit him down and talk this through and can resolve it :-)

Take Care x


Hey Sara, I know how you feel recently me and this boy got so close, wee were you could say going out, he made me feel so confident and loved, I told him about my anxiety and depression and a few other personal stuff but things turned for the worse he always said. I changed my mind every five minutes and I was pushing him away I never noticed, anxiety and depression can be trouble sometimes but don't let it come between you's, I hope yous work things out, and maybe next time he goes out you should join him, maybe it would ease your worry, and yous would have fun, wish yous happiness x


Yeah my boyfriend always says I'm indescisive, seems to be the main thing that really frustrates him about me. We've been together a year and a half now so I do hope that were strong enough to get over it. And we do have a holiday booked next week which I was close to cancelling. Do you struggle to get people you understand your anxiety? It's one of the hardest things about a relationship I think. I try and let him know when I'm having a bad day and sometimes he helps but sometimes he takes things really's tough!xxx


Yeah I also went threw them ways but if you love him please try because you will regret it, maybe it's hard for him to because he doesn't know what's going threw your head, I always pushed people away, and I never Evan new I was doing it but, I told him to leave me alone and constant said it and I never realised until I got that upset and read threw are messages and I acc sounded so awful, it was my fault, and now wee don't Evan talk, and yes he said I changed my mind lots, but anxiety and depression is hard but I believe you can' get threw this, believe in yourself, and don't cancel it huni, go have Fun and enjoy yourself, it might change things because yous will be together, and have fun, don't let this beat you because you can fight back, just always have a wee chat with him and say how you feel, and maybe he will slowly start to understands, because people who don't suffer this will not truely understand, keep me posted huni, and good luck xxx


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