Bad day

I just tried to go for a walk with my boyfriend and my dog and I guess it was too much too fast. I didn't really have a panic attack but my derealization got really bad to the point where I had to keep reminding myself I wasn't asleep and my emotions were totally weird and unexplainable. Then out of nowhere I started to feel really sad. Then I started to freak out, wondering why I felt so crazy. And that's where I am now. Racing thoughts and emotions and just feeling really sad and weird. And the world just feels totally unsafe to me. It's scary to even think about it.

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  • I am exactly like that. I feel that all the time. Thinking am I real am I going to die? Can't cope. Then I don't eat and get stressed thinking I am loosing weight so I must have cancer or something. Can't xope with it

  • It's so hard to deal with. I couldn't eat either so my doctor had me start drinking ensures. It's helped a lot!

  • 😩 it's horrible isn't it, I get like that a lot if I have to go out. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking around in a dream/numb. Not a nice feeling at all 😢

  • It's sad really. How've it'd nice to know that ink not the only person on the planet going through these things. I came across this site a few weeks ago. Feel like it could be a great support system.

  • Yes I often feel like that too, I don't know why but my DP/DR always get worse when my anxiety levels get better weird...

  • I hope you have a better day today 😊💛

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