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Bad day!!!

Thought I was going well.... Yesterday was a really good day but today has been awful.... One minute I'm fine... Next I'm crying.... Then panic rises... Just hope I can stick with this medication... I also can hardly sit still... Being positive with so many side effects not easy. Doesn't help when people around you don't understand and tell you to get a grip... Unless someone has experienced this they have no idea what the hourly the roller coaster of emotions is like... Hope tomorrow is a better day.. Thank you.

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I am sorry today has not been as good and when we have a good day we get all positive and then we feel like we have come down with a bang when the next day is so much different and it does not help but for a while it feels like you are on a roller coaster and the only thing you can sometimes do is hang on there till you can get back of which you will :-)

Accepting as hard as it may be when you are feeling so bad but if we can accept and realize this is just for now and not forever that can also help to :-)

I hope tomorrow is a good day for you :-)

Take Care x


Thank you for your support... I keep telling myself just 1 day at a time... Trying to get through the day with the positive that tomorrow will be better...been out walking... Keeping busy to get to end of the day...

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You are doing really well believe me and you will get there :-) x

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Hi Matthew

I had a bad day as well and it looks like another week off work ( not as ready as I thought).

I just want to get back to normal but think if I go back now it will be worse.

Just keep remembering that at the moment it's the drugs and they need to settle before you can be in the right state of mind to start to heal.

Hopefully we will both be back to work and getting on soon.

I think trying to stay positive is good enough at the moment.

Cheers, Matt


I went back to work too early, lasted an hour went straight to GP... That's when I started the medication... I'm hoping I will be strong enough in another 2 weeks... Just 1 day at a time and hope that the good days out weigh the bad days.... Stay positive it will get much better soon... I know today has been a bad day for me but tomorrow will be better. Take care and stay positive along with us all on here.


Unless you've experienced the illness you cannot relate to it I've had anxiety for 8 years it's overwhelming crazy as if you do not know where you are with it as it adrenaline pumping constantly I use propranolol a beta blocker try to keep up all daily activities I struggle with the detachment feeling pressure in your head buzzing in ears blurred vision and feelings that your not in the world but you are but this is high levels of body chemicals doing this I sometimes use the method of I don't have anxiety keep busy and I find it lowers levels panic attacks is also a struggle and can be self absorbing any more advise no probs just email Nicole

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Hi thanks for your message... This is new for me and trying to keep up with everything... Side effects of mess are the worst at the minute but I know I'm going to get better.


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