I hope that the reporting on this site really works because I had to do it last night. A random person started sending me messages asking if I had anxiety and what kind. Then proceeded to tell me that he got rid of it by working out, and that masturbating seemed to help greatly. Well, to each their own, but I don't really care to hear it. I checked the profile and there was only one post, weird screen name, and absolutely nothing else on the page. Which just led me to believe that there are plenty of sickos on this site. That's sad. A place where people come looking for comfort and you have to worry about someone trying to take advantage of that. 😑


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  • Hi Mama1204, you have just made me laugh so much, yes there is always one about, have to say hahaa!! I would not have wanted to hear about how he dealt with it, I think I would rather have chopped it off for him. Why do people have to bring that side into it, sicko, sad. There is one guy who is so upset because he climaxes 100 times a day, but it gets him down because he doesn't know when it is going to happen!! Apparently worse time was at his Fathers' funeral, poor chap. Anyway we don't have these kind of problems so one less to solve. Take care.x

  • lol it's just absolutely ridiculous! Do you really have to come to a website to get your kicks? How pathetic are those people?!

  • Hello

    It is with regret that sometimes this kind of thing happens and why I am alarmed when I see under 16's on this site and that they get to stay on against HU guidelines , which I do report and to HU as well yet I still see them on and I can see how upset this has got you and rightly so but as an adult you know exactly what to do , I just hope the children left on here do to , such a worry

    Thankfully this does not happen that often and with it been the internet we have to be prepared that it might as frustrating as it is , would be nice if Admins kept doing posts reminding members what to do in these kind of cases and reassure them that they are there if they are needed but you have the support of the group so don't let a bad egg spoil that for you & I hope they sort it soon , just a button to stop them posting , a report to HU asking them to be removed , does not take long so if it is done that should be the last you hear from this sad person !

    Take Care x

  • I reported the post as well as screen shots. Just frustrating that people do that, it disgusts me

  • I know , Unfortunately it is the world we live in today , but don't let them make you so upset or they win and they are not worth it ! x

  • Try not to let it upset you they don't know who or where you are They are just cowards and sad people There will always be idiots like that around xx

  • Facebook etc is full of them I hope they stay off here.

  • Yes sadly it's just how things are now It is a very small minority thankfully and there are a lot of good people to outnumber them on here We just have to pity them that they have so little in their lives πŸ˜‰

  • Maybe they need help and should be on here to get it lol

    Its common nowadays tho I think.


  • Yes sure they do need help 😁

    It's just how things are now sadly 😞

  • That's how it is, things are so different since Internet was created.

  • Yes they are it's a fantastic innovation but it also causes a lot of misery Shame πŸ˜‘

  • Just use it for the good things and all is fine πŸ˜‰

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