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Bad day!!!

Today has been a horrible day for me so far!! I woke up feeling anxious. I had a big operation on 28th may, emergency. Bowel perforated, I now have a colostomy. Ive had pneumonia which has not quite cleared up yet. I was in hospital for 3 weeks, came out and suffered bad anxiety attacks. Didn't want to see or talk to people. Cried a lot. Then had to get a grip of myself as I wanted to give up. I walked, kept busy, distracted my self. Listened to hypnotherapy and I started to manage those feelings. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease after my operation. I made the mistake of reading up about it!! And have frightened myself to death!! I have night sweats, and day sweats!! Other thing is I have a bad back and it's constantly nagging away at me, I'm afraid it's going to go!! As in be really bad as I get muscle spasms which are so painful. So I'm trying to be careful all the time not to over do it but at the same time keep moving to help my body heal. I went to the shops and it took everything I had not to have a panic attack, I wanted to run out crying!! I feel so down. I know there are people worse off than me. Sorry guys, I just needed to tell someone😔X

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I'm sorry you are struggling. We are here for you!

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Thankyou, it's such a lonely and scary place to be! It also makes me feel like I'm a weak person!


You are not a weak person. Being able to survive with this feeling makes you a very strong person. (((Hugs)))


Hey I had a bad time earlier this year with Hosptial stay and ever since its my neck it feels vile like I want to pass out sometimes I feel funny when I walk the list goes on the doctors assure me its anxiety and I'm making my self feel this way doesn't make it any easier tho I can't stand it it's awful I don't understand how I've ended up with anxiety in 35 have never suffered before but they say I had such a bad time it's my body's way of dealing with it I'm not so sure but deep down I suppose I know there right ? Still doesn't stop the worrying


Hi, yeah I believe they try fix your body in hospital but they don't have time to fix your mind. It's not their fault they just don't have the resources to help you sort your head out after the trauma. It is hard!! No doubt about it and thank god for the good days. Much love to you x


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