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Fear of depression

Hi everyone, I've been dealing with anxiety for quite a few months now, but after Health Anxiety, I have a feeling that I have developed a fear of depression.

The Health Anxiety is completely gone now, but I'm like really afraid of negative thoughts. For example, I had a fleeting thought of 'why do you even go to class, you don't even deserve an education' and then I think 'what if I will believe this? What if this will make me want to commit suicide? Do I want to commit suicide?' it just al freaks me out. Typing the word suicide is horrible for me, I panicked while I typed it.

I was in a book shop and they played church like music and I thought 'will they play this song at my funeral?' and I panicked.

I want to live a long, happy life with my boyfriend so WHY do I keep thinking stuff like that. Am I depressed? I get a sad feeling almost every day (for some hours) and I also had that when I had health anxiety, but for some reason, it freaks me out now?

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I suggest you go talk to a therapist. I recently made the decision to do so and so far it has been the best one I have made for dealing with my anxiety/depression. I felt like I would be labeled as "crazy" if I went and I should have went years ago but I was sort of in denial that I needed "help". I highly recommend it because I have already seen a difference. My therapist explains that anxiety eventually leads to depression. This happens because the anxiety gets to you and you end up feeling hopeless. I hope this helps. I am still dealing with anxiety and depression from day to day but I am slowly getting better and learning coping mechanisms.

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i'm Already seeing a therapist for about 8 months.. 😔


Have you been working with the coping mechanisms the therapist is giving you? We must work with the therapist to become better.


One thing my therapist tells me is that I need to focus on the truth. I am all the time saying how big of a liar anxiety is.


You're not the only one on this , it's a daily struggle for me as well.


Do Art of Living basic course. It will relive lots of your anxiety. The breathing techniques you will learn will keep away any depression. And if you already experience depression within 30 days you may be free if you do breathing exercises twice daily. It has been scientifically proven! Cheers!


Hi love! I recently diagnosed myself with depression. I just feel so sad lately. From having anxiety it's become depressing to think about what having a normal life would be like again. I recently bought 2 books. • Milk & Honey and how to pray when you need a miracle. Reading books and motivational quotes help me. You should try it.


PS: You're not alone with the thoughts. I think negative all the time. Even when I'm praying a negative thought will cross my mind. 😞


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