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Feel horrible

For the last week I have been suffering from very bad shoulder pain that goes down my arm, my GP has prescribed Naproxen but is not helping much. I also suffer from IBS and worry a lot.

I am now starting to feel generally unwell where I can hardly get out of bed and if I do, feel sort of shakey and weak and just want to lay down again. Could constant pain be causing this or is it anxiety.

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It's that vicious circle, you're in pain you worry you panic ! I'm a bit the same at the mo! Hope your shoulder pain soon goes.

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Did you ever try the Phenergan Nick ???


Yes I did shon but it did absolutely nothing for my IBS but I still take one at night as it really help me get to sleep with this shoulder pain.


Sorry you haven't been so fortunate like me. It's such a peculiar illness but at least you tried it . I hope you find help very soon .



Pain causes our body to go on alert. Breathing gets faster, blood pressure goes up

and if you happen to suffer from anxiety to begin with, that gets worse as well.

This is a time when using some cognitive pain therapy may help with reducing your pain level as well as the anxiety. Pain begets Pain. Feel better soon.


I think its due to your constant pain, try another medication or therapy will help you.


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