Keep feeling that I must have something horrible

Good morning....I keep feeling like I must have something bad wrong with my body :( I keep feeling hot/cold but I don’t have a fever checked my temp the other and it was 99.1 after I took a shower...but I keep thinking I must have an infection or something as I have this pain on the side of my throat(isn’t that bad) can’t tell if it’s from right muscles....then my head will feel funny and I’m afraid that I’ll die 😩 My mom keeps telling me that I look healthy and that my skin color is good/ don’t look sick....I guess if something horrible was wrong you could at least tell that by looking at me 😕 this health anxiety is horrible ☹️ and I saw something online about if the your blowing your nose and it’s green you have an infection so now I’m blowing my nose and keep worrying that it will look green 😛


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  • I go through the same thing. When I have anxiety symptoms, some times I dry cough (even though I really don't have to cough) and I'm always worried when I cough, blood will come out of my mouth. It never did. It is the good old mind trick. Nothing horrible is happening, it's just that dare devil anxiety. You will get through this. I'm rooting for us all!🤗

  • Lol. Ive done that same thing. I had a cough attack in bed one night and i got up to check my pillow to see if blood came out. I cry so much that ive started looking on my pillow cases to see if blood is coming out when i cry. Thats how bad i cry and how i think. 😒

  • I have all the same feelings, so i Really sympathize. Have you seen a doctor. Maybe this would help you to be less worried.

  • I saw a dr a few months ago he thought everything was good....idk about going back since drs are expensive 😬

  • Me too. Ive had symptoms that will make me think the worst. I get flu like symptoms, my body will sometimes feel hot or warm out of no where. Then im wondering if im getting sick.

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