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Anxiety on confrontation

Hi Everyone. I have had anxiety for 18 years. I'm 37 now and been having a rough time this week. I got the personality that I want to have peace with everyone and have no drama or confrontation with anyone. I know I sound like a looser. But it is just the way I'm wired I guess. I'm a Christian but not perfect so I try to show kindness to everyone. But if I have a heated encounter with anyone it seems to work on my nerves for days. Anyone like this.

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Yes! You are not a loser my friend, you're simply someone that gets it. You know that the life we live in now is only temporary, that it's not worth getting upset about. You also know that with every act of kindness, you're actually investing in what awaits after this life, the life that actually matters.

As far as working on you're nerves for days, do you start to think of all those things you should have said? That's how I feel after heated encounters. I feel dumb and think of other ways I could have handled it. I'm not a Christian but I take a deep breath and remind myself that this confrontation was predestined and that this is how God wanted it to go. Whenever I sense a heated confrontation coming, I speak to God under my breath asking Him for guidance, asking him to put the right words in my mouth, to help me say what he would want me to say.

You're a winner, you know why? Because according to God and your conscience, it's better to be treated unjustly, rather than treating unjustly.

I think the key is to do it with the intention of pleasing God, rather than the intention of avoiding confrontation due to fear.

If you have a spouse in your life that gets you, then your golden.


Thank u. Your very kind



I am the same but different outside of the house I will avoid confrontation at all costs. But inside is a completely different story I am horrible to live with if I'm not going on about one anxiety symptom or another then I'm bickering with the wife and kids.

Today I feel awful so am upstairs on my own trying not to involve the family in the struggle of today.

You are not a loser I think us with this anxiety are just too sensitive and hyper aware of things and our feelings both physical and mental

Take care

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You are certainly not alone. I would never hurt anyone's feelings. I have given all my life trying to be the best I could. Never receiving back what I have given over the years.

I'd rather be hurt by others than confront them. I now suffer immense anxiety and agoraphobia because I see I am alone. (except for this forum)


Thanks for the reply. You seem very sweet. Hope you are having a good day.


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