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Hi I'm new. Things are going from bad to worse. Started of with anxiety now it's anxiety and constant dizziness. No doctor wants to help me. Just tell me to take pills. It's been 4 months. It all started with a chiropractor twisting my neck. Had bad family news 3 months prior. I have constant dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, neck pain, arm and leg weakness, heart palpitations from just moving, muscle twitches, breathlessness. My whole life has been taken from me. I have always been a good sleeper until I saw the chiropractor. I stay in my house everyday. I'm getting worse by the day and I'm suicidal. I can't even watch tv in peace everyday is hell.

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Aww that sounds so awful, how are you feeing tonight?


So sorry your feeling this bad. I would seriously suggest you get an appointment with your gp and ask about some kind of talking therapy. In the short term have you anyone you can talk to? - a family member or a friend. Talking about your worries allows your fears to be aired - you probably will get really upset. When I bottle my anxieties up they fester away and make me feel worse.

I hope your not still having suicidal thoughts - that is a real concern. You must seek help. Please.



Hi, Kim again. I found these numbers on another pinned post and thought I'd just pass them to you.

- Mind (

0300 123 3393 (Monday - Friday, 9am-6pm)

Text: 86463 (11am-4pm)

- Samaritans (

08457 909090 (UK)



Please phone mind tomorrow they are very good in listening and giving advice how to get help because there is help out there even though I know at the moment you must be feeling let down but that can all change so please don't give up

Also if you are feeling desperate call the Samaritans and if you really feel bad then take yourself to A&E

I hope you will come back on and let us know how you are feeling there is always someone that will understand and talk to you on here :-)

Take Care x


I hope you are feeling better and have someone to talk to. I know how you are feeling.... Cause I feel mostly the same way. If you've no one to talk to type as much as you want here there are so many who are caring, supportive and most of all understanding because they are there or have been there!!! I'm praying for you! -hugs-


Thank you. I have phoned samaritans before and breathing space. Have been to doctors. Have been to a&e no help.

I am a mother which kills me the most, I was such a good mum before I saw this chiropractor. I'm obviously anxious about this. I just feel like my life has ruined and I have ruined my children's lives. I think they would be better off without me now as I'm useless and don't want them to see me like this. My eldest just wants me to get better and I've really tried but everyday I feel worse. They would be better off without me. We uset to be out everyday enjoying ourselves, now it's all gone.


I am so very sorry this happened to you after seeing the chiropractor. I can't believe the doctors only want to give you pills. Have any scans been done to see if the chiropractor did something that's now giving you all these symptoms? You need to have both physical and mental symptoms addressed. I worry about you. Please keep us updated. We all care xx


So sorry you still feel so bad and have obviously had bad experiences with gp and samaritans. MIND really is a very good starting point to get help with your anxiety and depression. In Tyne and Wear we have Talking Therapies which start off with a self referral telephone call and they offer the help you need. Im sure they are country wide.

Now is the time to seek the help you seem to need from your posts. Do it Now. xxxx


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