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Dizziness/I'm obsessed


I'm dizzy all the time. It's getting worse. I'm obsessed there is something wrong with my ear as it feels full all the time. Been to ent in February they say it's fine. It also rings all the time.

I'm obsessed something is wrong with my neck since a chiropractor adjusted it. Had mri. Everything is how it should be. I'm dizzy all the time. It's there all the time. It's all I think about. My head doesn't feel right. My neck doesn't feel right. My ear doesn't feel right. I'm a mother and now I feel like a bad 1.

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I am exactley like you dizzy all the time severe back of head pain

Sounds exactly what I have. Did the ENT not diagnose you with TMJD? Sounds like that's exactly it. Plus anxiety will just make the dizziness worse. I feel you and I'm with you.

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No. What is that x

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What is TMJD/TMD?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder to start, but more so

• Facial pain

• Malocclusion

• Jaw joint pain

• Back, Neck, cervical pain

• Postural problems (forward head posture)

• Pain in the face

• Limited opening of the mouth (commonly known as “Locked Jaw”)

• Headaches (tension type)

• Pain in the muscles surrounding the temporomandibular joints

• Pain in the occipital (back), temporal (side), frontal (front), or sub-orbital (below the eyes)

• Pain behind the eyes – dagger and ice pick feelings

• Multiple bites that feels uncomfortable or, “off,” and continually changing

• Clenching/bruxing

• Tender sensitive teeth to cold

• Deviation of the jaw to one side

• The jaw locking open or closed

• Ringing in the ears, ear pain, and ear congestion feelings

• Sinus like symptoms

• Dizziness or vertigo

• Visual Disturbances

• Tingling in fingers and hands

• Insomnia – difficulty sleeping

• Muscle Fatigue and tiredness

The symptoms of TMJD disorders often mimic those of other conditions. To diagnose the disorder, a dentist will rely on X-rays, a CT scan and some use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

For treatments Many Dentists are now advancing their knowledge for treatments, no longer relying on guesswork. We are now in a growing age of electronics and advancements to help Doctors and Dentists in these areas. The K7 which has been around since 1971, aids in the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

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Wow, I have TMJ and never bothered to look it up (go figure!). I have almost all of the symptoms you list. I felt that I would look like a hypochondriac talking to a doctor about them because I suffer from extreme anxiety. I started seeing a neurologist a year ago for botox injections for migraines. He is now injecting in jaw to stop the clenching I do at night. I put a crack in my night guard from clenching. The first time it worked like a charm. Not anymore.

Need-hope, I am so sorry you are still going through all this pain. I am not a believer in chiropractors. I was told many years ago by a doctor to never have my neck adjusted and that advice stayed with me. Of course, what is done is done now. You need to find the answer whether it is physical and/or emotional. I'm not a doctor and can only speak from experience in my own anxiety symptoms at one time. Getting anxious can cause fullness of both ears, not one. Constant ringing of your ear doesn't sound like anxiety. I have severe neck/disc problems so am aware of what you may be feeling physically.

It sounds like you've been to an ENT and Neurologist, had an MRI and results are okay. And yet you continue feeling bad. Anxiety can only be blamed for so long. Who wouldn't be anxious in feeling the way you do every day for months. The thing of it being "one sided" is what makes me feel you should seek yet another consultation before resorting to the cause being anxiety. More likely, it sounds like the adjustment caused the anxiety.

Sometimes we have to be our own advocate. I'd search for an answer. Good Luck dear. xx

I don't know why one person said the ringing in the ear is not a symptom of anxiety because it can be. I have all your symptoms and every single test I do comes back normal. My ears came back literally perfect, both the hearing and the balance. But I still have tinnitus - I hear a high pitched tone sometimes, or a ringing or something that sounds quite like a heartbeat but isn't (it's not in sync at all). Literally all of that can be from anxiety. Dizziness is my biggest problem as well - I am nearly constantly dizzy. When I went to the doctor, they had to pour water into my ear to make me dizzy on purpose and to watch how my eyes react and I literally panicked and begged the nurse like a little child to calm me down because I am "panicking" so she had to talk to me like I was a baby (I am almost 21 years old...) so embarrassing...

Need hope, I still stick with my reply that the constant ringing in your ear (tinnitus) is not caused by anxiety. There are many reasons behind that. However anxiety can make the issue worse. But it's not the cause.

As I've always said, keep an open mind when reading replies. We are not doctors and are only going by our own experiences. I still feel you should look further into your distress whether physical and/or emotional. Take care. x

Could be virdigo? With anxiety in the mix . I sometimes wake up dizzy and it's not like the room is spinning but like a train going by , everything looks like a train going by . That's the only way I can explain it. It's not every day tho. .

I got told I've got anxiety and vertigo together and it's so bad there is not a day that goes by where am not dizzy it's so horrible just very sad that the meds don't work for me

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Filmer, just saw this now. I see you are over the panic attack.

Yeah I am jusy shaking a bit still

This does not make you a bad mom. Please don't feel that way. Anxiety sucks . Are u taking any meds for it?

beta blockers. My ears constantly don't feel right though. Just want them to fix

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