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So last night I discovered my cheekbones was swollen well puffy and I felt abit off after that but today had off severe dizzy spells which makes me have a mild panic attack after which I think I'm dying don't know if I'm coming down with a cold again or if it's something serious I do have on and off nasal infections which I never take antibiotics for but going docs in morning to get some and i keep thinking I've got a brain abscess now and that I'm dying everythings worrying me just don't like this dizzy feeling I'm okay when I'm lay down but when I stand up it feels like everything's moving and such a weird feeling is this anxiety with cold or other I hate worrying thinking the worst:/

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You are not dying!!! It's not a serious symptom. Dizzines can happen for various reasons, most of them are not harmful. You could have sinus infection, vertigo, ear infection etc etc. When you dizzy and panic everything gets worse. Breathe and go to your doctor to check for infections ! xox

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Bin to doctors today said there's no infection give me a health anxiety booklet and checked my pulse and breathing and said it was normal to someone with health anxiety he said my glands aren't swollen and just have a cold hope he's right xx


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