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Hi I'm back just because I haven't been posting doesn't meean I havnt been hurting

How would I no if I a,Mohave a tumor or something serious I still see the blue dot sloth might not be everyday any suggestions I also get weird pressure in nose and just under eyes and switches also dull heavy feeling in heavy and also headaches had 3 eye test they all said eyes are healthy help please

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Hello John

Sorry you have not been feeling great and I for one thought because you were quiet you were doing better

John if you had a brain tumor I think you would have known by now , you have been tested for any signs and everything is fine , I told you I think that I watched something and sometimes people just get these spots you see , it is nothing serious but nothing that they can do to cure it so people that do have to learn to live with it and they do and maybe the less anxious you get you will find you won't get them as much anymore if at all

I hope your little family are all well your Daughter must be developing a right little personality by now and I hope she is bringing you much joy :-)

Take Care x


Thank you its just someday I'll wake up and look out and see if I see dots i,e look at the sky or anything or when I first walk out sometimes I see squiggles and floaters and tiny dots just above my head especially on a bright day I can love with them it's the blue dot could it be because of light ? And ye she's a little star x


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