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Anxiety & sinuses , & weird sensations?


I'm getting over a sinus infection . I've been out for a bit & trying to get over this . As I'm trying & getting better, I do still have this pesky cough & this odd sensation. I was trying to sleep after I've been up that previous night. Well all the while I'm trying to sleep, I was still having this dull ache above my brow , more towards the side & trying to relax. I'm tossing & turning til I finally get comfy & then I felt this head rush or waves sensation , kinda like a roller coaster feeling , when you ride the dip & get back way I could describe it. Anyways , I woke up , with palpitations of course , anxious , on google ugh I know I shouldn't have but I'm like anxious as crap . Since , it hasn't bothered me . I'm not that sure I felt something like that on the forehead alone , I've felt a similar sensation only around the chest/stomach area ..& I was anxious & trying to get sleep. This occasion , I wasn't anxious at all for once lol I was fine . So I'm wondering what was that whole sensation thing ? Anyone else felt that While you had sinus infection? I'm asking for advice & all but I do know to get an appt with a dr & I've booked it already.

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I've had the rush thing a couple of times whilst trying to sleep about 6 months ago, I was told it was due to anxiety, it hasn't happened since. It's scary but you're ok!. It was in no relation to sinuses, although I do suffer a bit with sinus trouble. xx


Do you also get a similar sensation in your upper back? I'm dealing with sinus issues & upper back is tense , part of my neck too :/ idk , I know this is anxiety but this wasn't a consistent issue with me , I guess since this came up again , I wanted reassurance lol


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