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Anxiety & sinuses . Hate this :/ 🙄


I currently have this cough that won't go away . I am getting over a sinus infection plus I have acid reflux . I cough & burp sometimes & get aches under my left or right breast , it's a tiny ache next to the rib . I'm not sure what that's about but I want to rid of my cough . I hate this , cough drops only mask the issue for me. Any herbs that are good to use or any other drink ? It'd be helpful. I do have my humidifier, it does do the trick somewhat. What other natural things do you all use for your sinus issues or acid reflux ? I cut out dairy for the most part & most meat . I don't drink sodas at all. So the food/drink regimen is pretty good.

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My doctor gave me tabs for my acid reflux I get the same ache in my ribs. You can buy gaviscon for it but it didn't help me much.


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