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Need advice plz

Well as u no ..... iv had blurred vison 2 month past 4 days iv haf neck aches and now pins needles in hands iv said all aling i have trapped nerve in neck from beimg sick 3 weeks dors this sound like it . I am scared which makin me worse my vison is always off and numb side face .

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Hi. It sounds like you have a pinched nerve possibly. What did you mean by numb side face?


Had numb feeling for 5 weeks on off . Doc said possible sinusitus or nerves. Antibiotics did nothing . Blurred visoin and neck ache started after 3 week sickbess bug had ct scan last week all ok and bloods ok . I cant carry on . Last 3 days pins needles in hand 😢


I'm sorry you're going through so much. Im not a dr but it doesn't sound like a sinus infection. There are neurological conditions that cause those symptoms that don't show up on a CT. There is a reason behind this, it might just take some time. Don't give up, it's not permanent. Nothing is. Did you recurve any muscle relaxers or something for pain?


Think am scared incase i dont start t feel any better . I cant go on lile this x


Try focusing on just right now. If it goes on you'll go and get help from a dr. Don't be scared yet



When you have trapped a nerve this can take several weeks to correct itself but if you feel it is getting worse or not improving then I would go back and see the Doctor again and see what more they can do for you :-)

Take Care x


I could cry bounce 😢



You know what I know how you feel when I have something wrong or something that goes on for weeks I feel just the same and sometimes having a good cry can actually help it can feel like a release from all the tension and anxiety we feel

It will all come good again I know when we are in the mist of it we just cannot see it but it will and as you know the more we worry the worse things are easy to say harder to do I know , but when we are anxious the nerves in are bodies get so tight & tense which alone can cause pain so imagine a trapped nerve been tight with tension as well

Maybe take a long hot soak and then try & get as comfortable as you can and see what tomorrow brings :-) x


Iv been like it 2 months and still not sure wats going on i struggling and very wirn out i habe amatriptalyin in cuboard but darnt start taking it x


Hi again :-)

I know how hard this can be and I know what it is like to have a fear of meds have you told your Doctor you are not taking them and the fear you have ?

If we don't let them know we cannot maybe get that extra help we need

I tell myself with meds as I to have a massive fear that I will just take one a day at a time that way I feel more in control and helps with the anxiety

Ask yourself what is the worse the meds can do ?

They will not kill you and even if you had a few side effects they would pass but what they may do is really help with how you are feeling :-)

If you try the and after a few weeks really feel they are not helping or making matters worse you can always stop them and now harm will have been done but you never know it could be that some good comes from them :-) x


Thanks for that advice. I have cupboards full of meds I'm afraid to take. Mostly because I am very sensitive to side effects and have had some pretty serious reactions in the past. Sometimes it's worth the risk of you feel bad enough, I guess...


Do you have disc problems in your neck? My doctors blame all my symptoms on those.


This started from bring poory vision blurred 24/7 neck aches grinds then now pins needles x


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