Hi guys! I've been experiencing what I think is Depersonalization or derealization but I guess I'm looking for some reassurance or opinion on if what I describe sounds like it really is. Sometimes all of the sudden I will feel STRANGE and I mean STRANGE. I can touch something but not feel like I'm touching it... even though I can physically feel that I am (if that makes sense)... sometimes I get a wave come over me for a second where it SEEMS like everything is slowed down but it all still looks normal speed. It's like I'm processing it delayed or something? I've had where I almost feel a numbness come over my body but when I touch it I can still feel everything . Other times I am talking and I'm hearing myself talk but I feel distant and like it's not me talking. It's all subjective because nothing happens to actually impair me and I don't lose consciousness or my sense of what's going on. I'm totally with it while this is happening! It's a weird state I go in and out of that I find almost impossible to put into words that I feel really explain it. I constantly worry that this is some sort of severe psycho episode starting... or that I'm going to be stuck in my body and not have control over my limbs or something. I will add that I've suffered with pretty bad anxiety/ panic for about 8 years now on and off. I had never had these strange experiences though until a horribly stressful year with a ton of changes and horrible stressors. I'm scared all the time. I'm having a hard time that this is just anxiety... am I nuts? What's happening to me? Also, I'm currently 6 months pregnant so I'm not in the position to have an MRI or anything until after the baby comes. I've tried antidepressants but they make me very restless and more anxious. Sucksz does this sound like what anyone else is experiencing?!?!i feel lost and alone... depersonalization?

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  • Hi Heather, my daughter and I both suffer from this and it seems worse when our iron is low as we both have low iron stores thanks to a genetic issue. Have you had your iron checked? Also, B12?

  • Yeah. Especially with being pregnant I've had everything checked :/

  • I've had the same I suddenly felt was I really here It was like looking through someone else's eyes at me I was still talking and doing everything but it seemed unreal I felt I'd go mad and lose control

    It is a common symptom of anxiety you definitely aren't nuts at all

    How I conquered it was to think of something that made me realise I am me I concentrated on the fact that my son was about to join the police and that I was very much his mum I was there to support him I'm a mum of 3 grown up sons I am here I am someone

    It snapped me out of it You say you are pregnant well focus on that you have a responsible role to play in 3 months of bringing a new human being into the world and that little person is going to rely on you for everything So you are very much here

    I hope I'm making sense its a horrible feeling but I know so many other people on this forum can identify with you I can really recommend a book called the DARE response by Barry McDonagh he writes about what you have in there and all symptoms of anxiety and its so helpful and comforting

    I hope you get well very soon and all the best with your lovely new baby xx

  • Thank you so much for your response! This is a pretty new experience for me (the depersonalization) and it's been so hard to accept as being anxiety. Thank you for the encouragement! I will definitely look into getting that book! :)

  • When I had it I had never heard of it and thought I couldn't even tell a doctor It was like" am I really here" just horrible

    It is a symptom of anxiety and very common apparently

    Good luck remember you aren't alone

    The book is excellent someone put a post up yesterday about it that it was magic and that's how I feel about it

    Take care x

  • I guess I freak out because I don't think I would explain it as not being here... more like spaced out and floaty.. sometimes I feel like I'm trapped deep inside myself or something? Do you think that's all the same feeling? Also I get the feeling like I'm not processing what I'm doing but I really am. SO hard to explain! Kinda like I'm watching my hands in front of me as I do things through a screen.

  • Yes that's exactly how I felt In the book he says "People report a feeling if being disconnected as if separated from the outside world by a fog or pane of glass"

    Do you think now you know it's a common anxiety symptom you could talk to your doctor as he/she will have heard about it

    Try not to be afraid of it and tell yourself it's a symptom just like any other like palpitations difficulty taking a breath etc etc

    I hope it goes as I know how awful it is

    Do you practice any relaxation techniques?

    If you Google depersonalisation on Anxiety Coach there is a lot on it It says it strange but harmless and people describe it

    All the best Heather remember you are not alone or abnormal it is just anxiety and you can and will get rid of it I did xxxxxx

  • Thank you SO much. This is so encouraging. I don't know anyone personally ally with anxiety like mine so it's awesome to hear from people who actually get it. I'm so ready to beat this! Hope all is well with you. Thank you again

  • Morning Heather that's great news I bet you have been living with this thinking you are some kind of "crazy woman" and no one has ever had it or would understand ?

    Today is the first day of your recovery you CAN and will beat it Its only anxiety and your fear of the horrible feelings One thing you could try is an elastic band round your wrist As soon as you feel yourself going into the feelings ping it and it will give you a little pain and bring your mind back to reality

    From today have regular relaxation times too There are loads of gorgeous relaxation videos on You Tube I have just looked and they have them for on there for depersonalisation There are quite a few just type in Relaxation for Depersonalisation You Tube and you will find them

    Good luck Heather I'm always here if you need a chat and I really want to know how you get on

    Goodbye anxiety hello sunshine 😃

    Have a lovely positive day xxx

  • Hi Heatherj89, well it does sound like anxiety to me. I have episode's like the slow motion . And sometimes I feel like I'm being pushed down like gravity is pushing me down and my feet are embedded in the ground. I also get feelings of like I am on an elevator you go up and then right back down again. Some times I get a tickle in my throat and it runs all the way down into my stomach like if I was going down a bunch of hilly roads in a car only that tickling feeling stays there for hours . Anxiety can do a lot of things. But I have been anemic also . Brain fog can cause it also which can go hand in hand with fatigue. But because we pay a lot of attention to our body's having anxiety we tend to intensifie things and I think some where along the lines of many years our mind gets confused and signals cross causing weird things to happen. But hope you can figure it out , you could just be stressed out.. ? Take care .

  • have had that many times if you read up about it that can help.thats what I did.

  • Hello Heather,

    This is the bodies way of dealing with overwhelm. It happens to many people who have extreme stress. I have experienced this myself. It feels almost like you are floating, moving in slow motion and nothing feels real. Your body is over sensitized and what you need at the moment is some peace to relax. Try not to push yourself too much and obviously seek help from your doctor. :-)

  • Yes! Feeling as if I'm floating and in slow motion really sounds like what I get! So encouraging to have someone else feel this too!

  • One of the symptoms of Depersonalization is thinking your going crazy, when I had it it was definitely something I couldn't explain. I had slightly different feelings than you but the base is the same and it came in waves. My recommendation is to take some serious self reflection and do whatever it takes to remove the stresses in your life. Acknowledge what is happening and power through it or out of it

  • This article helped me a lot

  • I just read the article and It's like letting out a big sigh and "thank goodness". That was so encouraging and it made so much sense. I went through several really bad situations in the last 2 years and I can see why my brain would be in shit down mode. I appreciate you sending me that link. Thank you so much.

  • Yes I felt a lot of relief after reading that article and I pretty much got rid of it after it being constant for month I still get bouts of it but going back to this article helps and I have a book called Dare which talks about dp/dr too and in general good for anxiety.

  • Yes! Lol it's scary! -if you let it be

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