What is wrong with me

I wake myself from my sleep every morning multiple times cause I feel so anxious in the mornings... I barely sleep anymore I can't sit in one place for a very long time and I get hot flashes every z10 minutes.. This has been going on for three days and I'm scared. I just get this fear that I will never feel normal and I don't know why I freak out so much. It comes and goes every couple of months for no reason. It seams like life is great but I can't get my head to agree? I'm so lost. Is it anxiety I feel or depression? I just start freaking out and I can't breath or do anything and nothing will make me feel better . Anybody else experience this ever or know anything that might help a little ?


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4 Replies

  • I'm no doctor, but I would say this is anxiety. I've been experiencing similar things as you for about 3 years. I got to I think the point that you are at right now about 2 years ago. I couldn't sleep and was barely eating and when I did sleep, I would wake up multiple times panicking. I felt like things would never get better and I would never go back to my "normal" self. What helped me a little was therapy. I would suggest seeing a behavioral therapist or psychologist. They can try to help you get to the root of why you're feeling this way and once you figure that out, it's a little easier to handle because you know why it's happening. It takes time and patience, but that is what helped me. I now am sleeping good for the most part and I experience the anxiety less and less. I hope that helped a little.

  • Yes that was helpful! I have taken medication for anxiety but it has always given terrible side effects so I set up an appointment with a counselor. I have been this way for a few years as well and I'm ready for it to end! Thank you for your help!

  • I had the same experience with the medications too. They gave me the worst side effects. The only one that didn't was xanax for when I get panic attacks. Good luck with your sessions though!

  • I'm going through this right now as well. its anxiety. it also sounds a bit like DR (derealization) , which is what i have. has anything traumatic happened to you recently? you need to tell your family how you're felling right away. see a psychiatrist and they will help you figure out your options. remember, there are so many people who understand how your feeling, you're not alone <3

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