Feel like my brain stops working

Sometimes when I'm talking to people I forget what I'm saying or what we're talking about 😔 I don't know whether this is a symptom of my anxiety I just don't know I'm trying not to worry and think it's anything more sinister but I just can't help thinking that 😔 I was in the car just with my dad and we were talking and I couldn't remember what we'd just spoken about and I could feel myself starting to panic then and I was just thinking I'm gonna pass out or somethings gonna happen. Can anxiety cause this 😔


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  • It can, I lose some of my concentration when my guy goes on and on about something while I'm having a panic attack, although I should also note I hide my attacks from him.  I'll be going through the whole nasty sensations and mask it by doing chores and keeping busy. But it does suck when he starts to try and communicate with me and I just wearily smile and nod at times.  Anxiety can throw you off, your train of thought. 

  • Yeah it's really bothering me cause I feel like I've got some neurological problem and it sends me into a panic all day. Still worrying about it today 😔 

  • adult add can also be part of it   I also found that my thyroid was waaaayyyy out of whack     I had high anxiety stress headaches  foggy brain  couldn't remember anything mood swings and the shakes  and my eyes couldn't focus     I had test  took my thyroid meds with some calcium and I am finally getting back to normal   

  • yeah i think most of us get this. i think it depends on how stressed our bodies are. Imagine two of us conversing with eachother with this lol. talk about awkward silences.  

  • Yep. Anxiety comes with many faces, and a hazy unclear view of the world mentally can be one of them. 

  • I just don't get why it happens. I don't think I felt that anxious 😔 Fed up of things happening and just automatically thinking it's something much worse 

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