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I need some help please

Hi everyone!

So ... I suffer from anxiety for a very long time, I have all your typical symptoms... I also suffer from vertigo very often, but I'm managing it with some exercises that my doctor has recommended!

I have another problem that has been bothering me ... I always feel tired, and even tho that I'm a stay at home mum, with two kids, I do everything around house, school, activities, I feel as I shouldn't be this tired. I get so angry with myself , everything I try doesn't help!! Last night I was so tired I drank baroca, came home went to bed and as soon as I lay down I felt dizzy.

Getting to my biggest problem of all... My doctor wants to run some basic tests.. Liver function, kidney function, full blood count etc.. I'm so scared to go and get it done, it's ruining my life. I'm convinced that something will show on my liver, and in no time I'll be dying of cancer. I know that I should just do it, and try to help myself, but I'm terrified! So scared of results!! Has anyone been through this? How have you overcome it? Please if you have any advice I would so appreciate it!!

Thank You!!


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Firstly, it is exhausting being a stay at home mum with anxiety! The anxiety alone is enough to tire anyone out so you are not alone with the tiredness. As the anxiety lessens the tiredness will subside a bit too.

Secondly if the Dr was truly worried he would have sent you to hospital to get the tests done asap so they weren't waiting a lifetime for the results. They sound like they are just regular 'let's have a check just to make sure it's nothing else's tests. More so for peace of mind for you. Right now not being done they aren't giving you any peace of mind at all. You need to make the appt and get them booked and done. The sooner they are done, back and over with the sooner you can stop worrying about them. Think of it like a checklist.

1. Book the appt

2. Go and get them done

3. Get the results

Check each thing off as you do it. Break it all down into as smaller steps as you can so each bit is more manageable. Is there someone you can take with you togo get them done?

It all sounds easy in those 3 steps and I'm not suggesting that it'll be a worry free time or even easy to do but once it's done it's a massive achievement for you and you can celebrate it and have something to be proud of xx


Thank You very much for your reply!


I agree, being a mum is hard work, I'm a stay at home mum myself and it can be exhausting. The tests are nothing to worry about, worth getting them checked incase your tiredness is due to low iron etc then medication will help, if not then you can start dealing with anxiety, do nice things for yourself, relax. Are you having any therapy x

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I have some wonderful friends who I can talk to, one of them is a sociologist .They are all saying just go and get it done. But for some reason this fear is stopping me 😞


I no what you mean, I always fear tests and results. I had my bloods took not long back and I've got to have 2 of them repeated due to them being borderline and I was freaking out thinking the worst.

You will be fine, it only takes 2 minutes and then on your way home again x


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