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Insomnia is killing me


Anyone found a cure for insomnia? Can't keep on going with so little sleep for much longer. I've tried everything I can now. Searched the net, read books on it and taken all the advice but i still wake around 3am or 4am. and I'm so so tired the next day.

Really don't want to go down the sleeping pills route but the lack of sleep is making it so hard to keep my daytime anxiety under control. I'm frightened what will happen if I don't get any proper sleep soon.

Anyone found a way that hasnt been written about or mentioned on an insomnia forum?

I'm really desperate now.

Anyone? xxx

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Yes lavender essential oil or take melatonin pill before sleep

Also listen to Marconi Union WEIGHTLESS

Like kevoreally, lavender oil is an effective sedative but it doesn't work for everyone. I'm an unstable epileptic whose regular sleep pattern had gone totally out of the window - I can be flat out @ 06 pmwhich means I'm wide awake @ 2 am ; which then finds me dead to the world @ 10 am. It's like being on shifts. But the aftermath of a tonic/Clonic seizure or 'Status Epilepticus' can be so horrendous that I'm prescribed sleeping tablets to sleep out the probs. Have a chat with your Dr's about the sleeping tab route - as long as you're aware they're a temporary or irregular solution. It's so easy to have your tolerance build up meaning you have to take more to achieve the desired effect.

Thanks xx


I know these feelings that you are facing with, lack of sleep causes so many problems during the next day that just don’t make us feel like ourselves at all. For me personally, I had realized a while back that I had to control the amount of caffeine I drink throughout the day which was difficulty in reducing since I am obsessed!! with my coffee ☕️ 😬) so I had to avoided consuming it once noon arrived. which I had noticed it allowed me to sleep faster later as the night approach. - even tea I recommend if you do drink it, avoid drinking after 1 at least since tea still consume enough caffeine that could cause an person in remaining awake. Another thing for me is that I am not the person who naps during the day, I found that even 15mins of an nap interferes with my sleep later on. Not only these things but I had too avoid eating too heavy before bed, usually now I try to keep it light, but still filling such as fruits or vegetables or even nuts 🥜 or an slice of cake at times haha 🤪🍰etc. But most importantly, the one main thing that had improved my sleep out of all these things is Avoided the use of any of my technology!! since beforehand I had used my phone right before heading to sleep to which had made it way more difficulty in sleeping sometimes taking me over 2-3hours before actually falling asleep but since I had stopped, I found I was more relaxed, where the light from my phone was not being an issue in my sleeping schedule. I had to slowly reduce the use of my phone at times just before going to bed. I often keep my phone at an distance ( I do use my phone as an alarm so usually I set the alarm in advance sometimes 3 hours beforehand at least to which when do heading to bed, I place it farther to which I am not tempted in reaching for it when I feel like I’m not able in falling asleep - yet still knowing I still have something to wake me up when morning comes. I hope that this helped a little bit I hope everything turns out alright and hope you find what is causing this insomnia from occurring. Take care darling xxxx

sarahjaneR in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much xx

Hi, keep the bedroom dark, drink milk or chamomile tea, open the bedroom window just a bit for fresh air. If I really can't sleep I take one child meltaway Tylenol which helps me sleep soon after. Strange but true. It also helps with my anxiety somehow.

Always try to get to bed at the same time each night, cause I notice if I stay up way past my usual time I find it hard to fall asleep.

It's so true that lack of sleep and then feeling tired during the day keeps us working even harder to stay calm and in control. I hope these suggestions help you very soon 😉

Thanks, sorry for taking so long to reply, been a bit down xx

Been given some zopiclone now. Still going to resist taking them but i might have to soon. xx

I feel anxious. Can't sleep without the sleeping pills. And to make things worse I think I’m getting addicted to them. How can I make myself feel better and sleep better?

Kate39 in reply to YsaAlva16

You should try cbd oil, or cbd spray. CBD helps treat anxiety.. One month and you will feel better. It's NOT Addictive. Just hard to purchase, because always sold out. My favorite is this one it's not too strong but helps a lot.

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