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Anxious again

Can't cope with this sick, feeling cold 1 minute then sweating!

My anxiety is fine in the morning taking the kids to school and at night when my partner comes home but being at home all day with my baby is the worst! Today's bad, I'm having to wait in for a delivery! Can't even go out for a drive!!

Can anyone relate to these symptoms:

Palpitations (flutters in the chest)



These are all the time, really really bad health anxiety x

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Hi. Sorry you dont feel so good. Well yes obviously the reflux and heartburn are part of the same gastrointestinal problem. Dont you have medication to help with that?

As for the palpitations - I was just saying to someone else that we often forget that anxiety/health anxiety has peaks and troughs - the troughs come when we are most occupied with things and so have less time to think about symptoms or what might be wrong with us. People report most problems with anxiety when they are less concentrated on other things, hence the reason why we are often advised to use distraction techniques. These techniques work for a while at least, but obviously are not really a long term cure. That comes through therapy. Anxiety/health anxiety and ocd are all closely related, particularly the last two. Medication does not cure either of these disorders, it only masks some symptoms for some people some of the time. That is fine if you are then also going into therapy.I suppose the point I am making is that the symptoms we all share or know about will not be going away until the core problem is addressed. In the meantime we can relieve some symptoms through distraction techniques and/or some kinds of medication.



Thank you for your reply Karl.. My reflux is very bad, doctor has given me something for IBS which I really don't think I have.. All this started when I had my third baby but is that a valid enough reason??? It seems silly..

I get a stitch like feeling under my left breast.. I worry that I'm gonna die and won't be able to see my kids grow up.. All my life I have had ecg's, a scan of my heart.. Found nothing.. These palps are new which is why I'm presuming they are anxiety.. I have propranolol to regulate my heart.. Just wish someone could convince me enough that I am not going to drop dead! I fear I'll not see my kids grow up.. Actually making me cry as I write this.. Feels good getting it out.. Sorry to go on


You go ahead and let it out all you want - you need to be able to do that, and his is a safe place for you.

Let me tell you this if I may - people dont just suddenly die - there is always some underlying illness or age related issue. Anxiety is not one of those issues - I can be very sure of that. I was a therapist for almost 30 years and not one client died from anxiety :-) Me boring them maybe - but not anxiety :-)

The triggers for anxiety will be specific to the individual - in my case it very clearly related to my heart attacks. That made it a whole lot easier to deal to with of course. In your case , who knows, but that is what therapy is about - getting to the root of the problem.

The medication you are on is very effective and highly regarded and more importantly, appropriate. That should help control any possible panic attacks.

Perhaps if you could slightly alter the way you think about things it would help - so instead of wondering if you will live to see your children grow up you might think of the kind of partner they will have, or the birth of their own children, or their first day in their first job - all positive things.

And when you need some tlc just come along here and order some :-)


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Thank you so much, u have made me feel better already. I will just come here for my therapy haha.

My doctor has phoned and wants to see me tomorrow to see how I am doing and maybe see if I need to up my dose for a while.. I fly to Portugal in 2 weeks for a family holiday and I am absolutely terrified of flying.. My down fall is drinking.. I know I will need a drink just to get on the plane 😩


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