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I had this same experience. Been down this road and never want to go back. I had seizures while driving. It was what we think is the worst experience in the world. I remember asking God to give me anything, but not this. Eventually you learn to do things to cope on your own. Find days when you don't have to take it or take as much so you can save it for a real rainy day. Stash some pills in a place separate from your other pills. I used to be on as much as 6 MG a day of klonopin which is similar to xanax. I had a real addiction that needed to be addressed. Learning to control when I actually needed it compared to when I didn't was a big win for me. I am now down to 1 MG a day. I experiment as well. I read a lot to educate myself. Today I take 2 baby aspirin a day in the morning, take my 0.5 MG at mid morning and 0.5 MG in the evening...something about the baby aspirin calms down the anxiety. But why xanax? Ask the doctor for klonopin. Takes about 20-30 minutes to kick in but it stay in your system longer. Hope this helps.

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You had seizures? I'm so sorry! That's what terrifies me the most about these benzos, the seizures when withdrawing. I'm glad you're doing better now. I'm definitely going to talk to my psychiatrist about tapering off, I'm sick of this stupid drug. I wish they'd never put me on it in the first place. Weirdly, klonopin doesn't work for me. They don't know why.


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