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A discussion about Xanax

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Hello Everyone!

I am still bothered by the information that is on the internet about Xanax. Some things are true about it:

1. It can be addicting if you take it in high dosages and on a regular basis

2. If you are prone to addiction and take it with other drugs or alcohol it could cause harm.

3. You only take it under a doctor's supervision and not start or stop without their advice.

4. Never buy it on the internet or from someone else. Take your own pills!

However, (atleast in my case) if you take it in lower dosages (.25-.50, maybe a 1 mg on a bad day) on an as needed basis. It does not make you an addict. I agree you may need to take more of it as life goes on, but that is between you and your doctor to decide if that dosage is correct. I have been on and off xanax for almost 3 years. I dont feel I am addicted to it. I feel it helps me manage through some tough situations and makes the anxiety take a day off. I have some bad episode days and I take it and then I am fine and I then I dont need it for the good days. I have tried anti-depressants and they were much worse for me and had a terrible sense of disconnection. My therapist went through 2 different anti depressant transitions with me and she agreed-- I dont need them. She helps me to better understand how to manage the anxiety and to know the pills are there.. just in case. Sometimes just having them on me-- does the job!

In conclusion, the reason for this post is I want all of you on this site to NOT go to youtube and not google Xanax. I want you to find what works for you based on your condition. Take some of your fellow anxiety suffers opinions and make your own choice. It is a shame that the people that abuse these mental health drugs actually make it harder for those of us that actually need them!! I am not a doctor and I am only talking from my experience.

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I agree ! I have taken it in and off for twenty long years—sometimes going a few years in between a dose lol - just having it with me “in case” was a big comfort . Anything can be addicting-but if you need something -you need it ! My life would have been worse than it already has been due to panic attacks and anxiety if not for Xanax -and in all this time the dosage has only been upped from .25 to .50 in the last month due to severe anxiety after a health scare . I still sometimes will still break in half and only take the .25

It has literally saved my life !

I totally agree with you! I was currently on Xanax for Two years 1mg 3X a day but of course I wasn’t taking them that way all I needed was 1mg 1 a day or every other day to help with my Panic disorder I got pregnant About 6 months ago and had to stop taking them. I have pills left over so once I give birth I can get back on them and see a new psychiatrist. Xanax isn’t always an addictive med to that Certain someone if they use it with caution and ONLY WHEN NECESSARY! it does help me so much getting through life with anxiety. It’s not as bad as people say it is. I like this post!

Same for me ! Amazing I wasn’t anxious during pregnancy-even with triplets ! But after -oh boy lol!

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Does Xanax have any side affects? I got prescribed .25 and I’m scared to try it... not because I will get addicted bc I don’t have an addictive personality ... just afraidnofnside affects

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No it doesn’t -that’s why it’s been the only thing I have taken all these years besides a course of Paxil one time

I’m afraid of meds except Xanax . People have given it a bad name but my doctor knows I’m not an abuser and will have the same prescription four years .

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Nope Not side affects for me either it works very well!

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Sleepiness?? Bc I have four kids and I’m usually alone with them...

So if I’m anxious and I take one it will calm me down and be able to go out and do things without worrying?

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It makes you a little Sleepy but that’s relaxation.. I usually Do things When I take one I go out anxiety free and get ever errand done.

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That’s what I’m afraid of feeling sedated like I’m on drugs

Initially you may feel a bit sleepy but it's not sediated. I think you may find that you have a deeper sleep at night when you take it during the day.

Xanax is a great medication if not the best for anxiety. I’ve been on it for 30 years. The junkies gave it a bad name, screw the junkies and people need to stop putting everyone in that group. It’s made for anxiety and if you become the dependent on a medication that makes you who you once were then so be it. If you were a diabetic you would need insulin it no different. Both are chronic condition.

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guynfl2chat in reply to Ironj

I agree. It has a miracle for me in some situations and I dont feel like I have suffered as a result. I am thankful that there is a medication that can help with these sensations and thoughts. I think its just like taking a tylenol for a headache or like you said insulin for diabetes. It helps to make us feel better.

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Correct that’s what it’s made to do. But again the junkie gave it a bad name. The propaganda behind it is the drug company’s make a lot of money on newer useless SSRI’s. ssri help with depression but do nothing meaningful for anxiety. And again there’s no money to be made on 40 year old generic meds.

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guynfl2chat in reply to Ironj

I agree SSRIs do not help with anxiety disorder. However, some people suffer from GAD and depression. I heard it does help with depression. My dog is actually on Prozac!! She needs it to calm down.. so for a dog it might work fine!!


Now about Xanax

I whent to a doc specialist in anxiety ptsd GAD

Now he told me thé taken 3 Times at day 1 mg because thé anxiety is verry dominant

But omg that make me nerveus

Also all thé negative things on internet about Xanax make it worser for me


Worry me

Hello everyone! Thanks for an active discussion about Xanax. I went to renew my prescription (I only renew once a year) and I learned about the new rules regarding Xanax. It is really a shame that those of us that need it have to go through this with our doctors. I have to make an appointment, get diagnosed with anxiety (again) and if the doctor still agrees he can write (1) 30 day prescription. The only good news for me is that that usually 60 pills. Refills require another doctor's visit. I tried to renew it through their patient portal and I got a call today that I cant do that anymore. She explained that I could come in tomorrow if it was something I needed right away, but I said I have an appt later this month anyway.

I have pills, but it is always nice to have to comfort that I can get them if I need them. I am far from an addict and use them as needed, but I guess this will be the new routine. I have been seeing the same doctor for over 20 years and I have only been on Xanax for 3 years (as needed)

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