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Still don't feel right

I went back doctors this week had bloods done checking my full blood count and that the only problem wrong was my vitamin D was abut low and I had a scan on my kidneys liver gall bladder all was okay I keep feeling really dizzy I don't know what to do anymore last night I felt so sick I even was sick abut it's horrible I walked up stairs my heart was pounding and when I was lying on the bed I felt so dizzy again x

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Hi. Have you had a scan of your brain and head done? If yes then I assume nothing was found - and that indicated anxiety doing its worst. Dizziness is a very common symptom in people who have anxiety. Sometimes how we breathe can affect the dizziness too - it might help if you can take long deep breaths to avoid any kind of hyperventilation, which often triggers a full panic attack.Another possibility is that you have low blood pressure - well that can also be easily checked for you. Dehydration can also cause dizziness so make sure you are drinking enough.

So if you feel dizzy dont worry too much - it is probably your anxiety. Get a drink, lie down and try to focus on a spot somewhere - this should help you regain control. Remember to have all the physical possibilities ruled out.



I had a mri about 1-2 years ago I have had 24 hour blood pressure monitor and heart monitor and all come back on but my pile is always high x


All come back ok but my pulse is always really high


So very likely it is anxiety making your life hard then. The positive thing is that you dont have a life threatening illness. You just have to find a way that minimises the symptom for you.

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How are you do you suffer with anxiety bad


I am ok thank you - I did have quite bad anxiety for a while - always thinking I was about to die , or about to have a heart attack or something. But I have way fewer of those days now. I was lucky because my partner is a medic and I am a therapist, so we knew what had to be done. But even so, there are still days when it comes back - so my treatment will be continuing for a few more months yet.

You need to have confidence in yourself and confidence that you will be be back to your old self at some point.


Thanks for your reply a I am waiting for my Councilling been waiting a few months they saying end of February thanks for the help


You are most welcome my friend :-)


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