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Sick of it!

I'm sick of living most of every day with derealisation, sick and scared out of my mind and just really depressed. I hate this. Anxiety is so stupid and derealisation is the worst. Why do I have to deal with this and none of my friends/family do? My entire life has come to a halt. My therapist tells me to just live as though I don't have anxiety but I feel so siiick! Doing anything makes it worse! If I go to the store I get dizzy, if I hang out with my friends I get depressed. Over 3 years of my life have been wasted; started when I was 17, now I'm 20. It just gets worse. (i edited out the last part of this because it was just unnecessary ranting)

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Good day to you. You sound pretty fed up - and I am not surprised, given what you have to deal with on a daily basis. It would be interesting to know what type of therapy you are having - is it a goal-oriented one? Therapy is usually a long term treatment, so it might be that you have to find some extra strength to stay with it. I cant remember if you also take medication - but if not then that also might be something to think about in the short term. Sometimes we just need some help in creating a calm space around us.

I can only tell you what I know to be a fact - therapy is the single most effective long term treatment for anxiety and ocd disorders. So I would urge you to stick with it if you can.

Nobody asked to get this illness - its no one's fault we have it. But it is curable - and thats the most important thing to remember when you feel fed up and discouraged.



I AM fed up, but I'm laughing it off now. I'm in CBT, which I only started recently and it's goal-oriented. I do take medication, but I don't like it. I take Xanax and Brintellix. The Brintellix gives me weird side-effects and I'm afraid of getting addicted to the Xanax. I'll be talking to my psychiatrist soon. Thank you for the quick reply.


Well the Brintellix is a major hitter in the anti-depressant league so I am not surprised you are having side effects - the other one being a benzodiazepine is addictive - so you are right to be worried about that, at least in the length of time you have been asked to use it for - i assume your dosage is around the 5mg level?

As a therapist for many years myself I always a used goal-oriented programme for clients with anxiety and ocd. It had by far the best results - so you should be ok there over the long term.


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