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Anxiety, Real situation, or what is it? part 1

Hello guys, I'm a 16 year old male nice to meet you, I'm new to this website as a whole. So I'm still understanding the whereabouts of this website. Anyway, let's head into the situation/ questions. I'll need all the help I can get before I start overly stressing myself to bad health. Here we go... So recently, let's say preferably 2 1/2 months ago. I was walking to Dunkin Donuts for WiFi because my phone went off. It was very cold or at least it was a nice icy breeze. I sat at the Donut place for a good 15 minutes maybe longer and I was just fine. When I finished what I had to be doe on the phone I got up and bought a donut, no coffee. Then I headed out and started walking back home. I got as close as to 5 minutes away from home then all of a sudden my vision got really, really bright! Then it started to get blurry/ fuzzy. I felt a very eruptive feeling come across my body, it was more like something tried to snatch my soul away, or that it felt like it was trying to leave. I didn't take any drugs or pot. I was scared for my life so I tended to clap my hands and run because I started panicking. I only clapped my hands repeatedly because I thought it would encourage myself to stay up and not faint or die. I was scared! I'm So serious guys, so I continued running home, while I was running I was having all sorts of negative thoughts that scared me even more. Thoughts like "OMG what's going on?" "Am I going to make it home?" "What if I dropo right in front of the house?" I was freaking scared! So I finally made it home. My mom met me at the door, and I was extremely dizzy plus the run made it even worse. I had heart palpitations something I ONLY had when I used to smoke pot. My mom started joking with me and punching my arm I had to tell her to quit. She was like "what's wrong?!" I replied in a very weak tone. My body was weak. She started getting worried. We took an elavater because I couldn't walk upstairs. I had to lean on my mom because I couldn't breath. Then I started panting. When I got in the house my mom did a full body check on me. My Lil sister and grandmother surrounded me. All attention was on me, which made things worst it made me feel like I was gonna die or like they saw sum wrong. My mom checked my nails to see how my oxygen was, she felt my fingers, arms, legs and head she said that I was ice cold. I felt it without even touching myself. Not the kind of cold outside. A whole different kind of cold. So I thought "This is it?" And I started crying a Lil. They called an ambulance. Right after, I started hyperventilating (breathing to fast) I had to make my eyes bigger because I almost fainted. My heart was a racing car. When I got back downstairs to wait for the ambulance. I thought they weren't coming fast enough. Then I started shaking and it gradually increased till my whole body shook out of control. I couldn't even stop it. I told my mother I don't wanna die. The ambulance came. They put me on oxygen tank and I snaked it off. Because it made it a lot worse for some reason. The picked me up and walked me to the stretcher. But here's the thing... When I got outside.... It all stopped. I looked around like what just happened. Everything that I was feeling stopped. And here's another thing. When I got on the stretcher and they closed the back doors, it started back up again but when I got into the hospital to get checked it stopped again and this time it stayed away. Doctors checked my vitals asked some questions, gave blood tests, X ray and blood pressure. They said it was all fine... They said no sign of any threats. They said it was anxiety... I was so shocked. How could this be? Please guys give me your opinions and answers of what you think... If you read the whole story. I'd deeply appreciate you. 😊 More of the story coming up soon. Stay connected. #God Speed.

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I strongly agree with you thanks for the help.


Bad diet..to much caffiene,stop drinking too much coffee..excessive energy,maybe there is too much energy(that you aren't aware about) In your body,like excess energy,if you don't use that excess energy,it turns bad like spoilt food,this might be the time for you to start exercising,do sports or any good strenous job,you might just need to tame that energy(adrenaline rush) by occupying the focus of your energy so that it wont look at anxiety as an option,maybe it's good karma after all..Maybe you need to put your palpitations into good use,they say sometimes palpitations are good for your heart,do gym(good excuse for muscle growth,anxiety),try running or biking... Maybe adult life is knocking to soon,your becoming a man and your body is feeling sensing the changes comming to you(or maybe your experiencing changes your subconcious knows but not u)....have a routine then anxiety might not come knocking anymore because it's not in Your schedule...or maybe you are having hormonal,I'm not suggesting meds though...you decide...


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