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Anyone else having anxiety about their heart??

Hey people, I have recently went to the ER about dizzy head symptoms I've had for about 5 days prior, they did a EKG on my heart and a cat scan of my head and a chest xray,and blood work, all came back normal.. except I had an abnormal EKG due to an inverted T wave on lead III and AVR... they kept me over night scarying the crap out me, I thought I have heart disease! That next morning another/different doc comes in and tells me that ER doc was being to over cautious and I'm ok go home, but follow up with my pcp.. my pcp has me were holter monitor 48 hours, again same inverted t wave lead III and AVR only.

Holter monitor shows few dropped heart beats but nothing to serious, now I'm just stressed about it big time, any one share the same or have info that could help me? By the way I did read that muscular people can have a normal variant inverted t wave in those leads, help

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