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How to keep a job with anxiety?

Ive been in and out work since 2013, and within a few weeks ive quit due to my anxiety, and panicking over money (funny enough) and childcare - even when my childcare is sorted. I want to go to work and I want to provide for myself and my son, without relying heavily on beneifts, the doctor wont sign me off long term and I no longer recieve DLA (ended in 2014). I have a 1st stage interveiw for a waitress in a new resturant in Newports new Friars walk. But I dont want to start, benefits stop, and then I quit and struggle until benefits get sorted again! Any advice? Many thanks xx

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If you are suffering with anxiety why will your Doctor not support you and say you are unfit for work at this moment and the near future ?

It seems you have got in a cycle and maybe your anxiety creates the fear you will quit and that is why it keeps happening ?

Have you asked your Doctor to refer you for some Counselling , if the Doctor you see you find is not very understanding have you tried to see another Doctor that might have a better understanding can be in the same surgery

If it were me and I had to go to the interview I would tell them the truth , I might miss out the bit where I keep quitting but I would tell them about my anxiety , it could be that if you tell a potential employer if they decided to take you on they would give you support

Would part time work be an option , you may find this more suitable and not feel under so much pressure

You really do need some support and I would as said go back and see the Doctor

You could also go and have a word with your Local Citizens Advice , they would be really good at knowing where you stood with all this

Take Care x

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