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Fed up

Hi wondering if anybody can help? Im getting heartburn and acid reflux oh and im bloated and im fed up of belching. I had to come off my tablet lanzoprazol because it was making me itch and feel sick so im currently just taking gaviscon and trying to eat better. Can anybody tell me if this is a adverse reaction coming off lanzoprazol or if its something more serious its really starting to worry me. Doctors just want to put me on more ppi's i refuse as i think they have made my acid worse by givining me low acid.

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I am having very similar problems to you at the moment

I am suffering with dreadful heart burn , acid re-flux especially burning sensation in my throat

I to have had more bottles of Gaviscon over the last few weeks as well as taking Lanzoprazol

I agree thought as I used to suffer really bad and I came of the Lanzoprazol and I found my indigestion improved as yes they are to take the acid down but I think after to long they take to much of the acid & leave us with none and we need a little bit , I also think to much Gaviscon after a while can maybe make matters worse

Have you been and had a endoscopy think that is what you call them when they look into your stomach through a tube down your throat

I had one years ago and everything was ok they said I was making to much acid due to anxiety but recently loosing my father it seems to have come back again

At the moment I keep sucking a small piece of mint rock and believe it or not that takes it away for a short while but then it comes back again , I am sick of it myself and like you keep thinking the worse yet the chances are the anxiety is either behind it or certainly will not be helping it

Sorry my reply may not have helped but wanted to let you know you are not on your own with this problem at the moment , I hope you get some helpful answers they may help me to :-)

Take Care x


Thankyou Bounce i appreciate your reply. I really do need to go for endoscopy im a little scared though thinking the worse is gunna come of it. Ive got health anxiety so every pain or niggle i get i think its something sinister. My symptoms are worse now than they was before taking higher dose of lanzoprazol. Im sick of sore throat and sour taste.



I know what you mean I feel in the same boat I keep wondering maybe I should go and have another one but the fear stops me , crazy really when you think about it because if there was something there they could no doubt cure us and if there wasn't then we would have peace of mind but try telling the anxiety that !

You don't have to answer but how old are you ?

I ask because the younger you are the less chance it would be something sinister , I worry because I am a lot older now

There are things you can do which you may have all ready ....keep a dairy and see if there are certain foods or drinks that make it worse , I know coleslaw triggers mine of , to much tea fizzy drinks , spicy foods or greasy foods and chocolate so I try the best I can to keep away from them even though now and again I give in

Also even though you may not feel like it try and eat little and often but don't eat late at night , chew your food well when you do eat and try and be as relaxed as you can as we tend to rush and gulp in air when we are eating and anxious which does not help the indigestion

A glass of cold milk can sometimes help a little or tepid water even though not that pleasant but can help to settle it down as well as Manuka Honey , not sure if you have heard of that you can get it from any supermarket , a bit expensive but at one time and I am going to get some when I do the shopping but I used to take 4 teaspoons a day when it was bad and it really helped they do say that it helps indigestion

That is about all I can think of at the moment I wish I had some more answers I could give you but I know and same for me the more we worry , the more anxious we will be and the more we will suffer with the indigestion x


Im 36 and female. Ive indulged over christmas with to much chocolate and its made me worse again. Everything i eat is giving me a sore throat and reflux. Ive been told digestive enzyme is the way to go so im gunna go to holland and barratt tomorrow. I was getting it under control and now its bad again


I think im gunna have to take the omeprazol they have ginen me


I have lanzoprazole when I need them but haven't had to take so many and have benefitted greatly from accupunture for digestion. Lots of peppermint tea too! Takes a lot of getting used too but helps. yoga can help with digestion. Wheat can aggravate reflux too. Just worth a thought xxx

P.s endoscopy is fine, in and out job. Try not to worry about it xxx happy to discuss as Ive been there.



Was just wondering how you are feeling now , is your indigestion any better ?

Mine is not as soon as I get up it is there in my throat burning :-(

Happy New Year to you :-) x


Hi Bounce mine comes more at dinner time its a little better as ive changed my diet ive started taking DGL tablets eating more alkaline foods and im going to start taking digestive enzymes so hopefully this will work. And happy new year to you as well xx


O good :-)

What are the DGL tablets you are taking ? x


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