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Head feels like it is in a vice?

I am under extreme anxiety at present time. The back of my head, not the neck, feels like it is in a vice, I mean really tight. Even making my vision sort of blurry. Has anybody ever had or have this symptom? I take 1 ea 100 mg of Zoloft in the morning but this comes on more as the day goes on. I am retired so it is not stress from work. any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.

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Good usually 130/ 75 pule 68 but I do take a BP RX.


This happens to me on and off. I feel like my head is being pressured especially by my nose for some reason. But it goes on and off. As well as dizziness or feeling like I'm drunk. I don't take any medicine for anxiety but i know anxiety symptoms. Try not to think about the symptoms as they tend to make them worse. The more you think about them. Just accept it as what it is and it will pass.


Thank so much for your feedback.


Hi, try a heating pad on your neck cause I had this from tense neck muscles and nerves and it went up the back of my head. It felt so weird even as I would try watching television and I couldn't relax cause of it. It gets tight sometimes from cold drafts on your neck too.

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Thanks VERY much. I will do this today. Gets worse as the day goes on. Be well.


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