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Pharma Gaba - brilliant but not on sale here??


Has anyone purchased the above 'natural' drug?? I have and its brilliant!! However, the only place I can get it from is USA......I purchased this medicine through iherb......but had to pay an additional £16.00 in taxes.....way too expensive.......This medicine is the best I have ever used......it works straight away and last for quite a few hours.........and, like I said it is all natural, harmless ingredients.

Can anybody tell me the best way to purchase this? Apparently if you order less than £7.50?? you don't pay taxes?? Or, does anybody know where to purchase this from in UK?

Kindest Regards,

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Just answered your other post I have never heard of it but sounds like you have found it very useful

Not sure where you can get it from but if buying of the internet always be really careful as there are a lot of fake sites and things out there , make sure if you come across it that it is a reputable company

Take Care x


Hi. l've never heard of it. What is it and what does it do for you ?


l've just looked it up. You can get it from Amazon and depending on terms , may be able to get free shipping with amazon prime . It's worth checking out.


My cousin takes that and loves it for her anxiety. Luckily we live in the states. I have been meaning to try it but I have to talk to my doctor first because I am on Prozac 


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