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Can't believe it!!

So For months I've been feeling sick, tired, get the shakes lots more symptoms I've been doctors no joke about 20 times with this problem.. No it's just anxiety playing up!! We know our bodies right? So today I went doctors seen a doctor I've only ever seen once before!! after I explained my symptoms he told me i have something called colitis.. I'm in shock!! I thought I was going mad no answers has led me to health anxiety thinking the worst that I had bowel cancer and no one could find it because no one would take me seriously!!

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I think sometimes Doctors can find it hard to separate what is causing symptoms when we suffer with anxiety as anxiety can mimic so many physical symptoms

But I am pleased in your case that you kept persevering till you got some answers and now found what you are suffering from which I hope with the right treatment you will start to be anxiety free !

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and all the Best for 2016 :-)

Take Care x


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