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Since finding out my husband has anxiety I feel like I don't know him any more :( he keeps his feelings from me because he thinks he is a burden from me and I don't know how to cope. on the outside it looks like everything is ok but I know he isn't telling me the truth and we both agreed we would be honest. these last 6 months have been hell on earth for me as he only thinks he is the only one in pain with this. I try and be as patient as I can but its so so hard to not loose my temper at the situation.

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Hi, is your husband on any medication or seeing a counsellor? I can imagine that it will affect you too Hun, xx


No he doesn't want to go on any and still waiting for an apt :(


Ok, if that the case, what about trying herbal supplements such as rescue remedy? Have you sat down and told him how u feel? X


Yes but It's almost like it falls on deaf ears, as usual I'll solider on like women have to



Some of the problem may be your husband does not really understand what is happening to him or how to deal with it and that is why he maybe struggling to tell you and share his feelings as we know men can also struggle with sharing how they feel in general

I would imagine it is nothing to do with not trusting you but more to do with he has no clue how to cope himself

I know it is never easy for those that live with someone with anxiety as this is an illness you cannot see physically only the person the is suffering can feel just how dreadful this affects us and frustrating at times for loved one's that want to help but it can help if you leave him till he is ready to talk about it

Let him know that you are there when you need him and as difficult as it may be try and carry on with what you have to do for you , keep talking on here if it helps and you could maybe ask your hubby or leave the page open so he can see this community to have a look , he may refuse but there again he may have a sneaky peak and get something from reading others feel just like he does to

I have never wanted to take medication which is a personally choice one that some eventually decide to try after they have tried most other things if they have not worked but therapy can be really good and helps so many , I know the waiting lists can be long but it can be worth the wait so stay strong till he gets an appointment :-)

Take Care x

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