I've suffered with anxiety and depression for years and I seem to get my life back on track then it goes back down hill I feel ill all the time sick dizzy I get where I sweat inside but I'm not hot if u get what I mean I hate my self when I'm like this I got a lot of things coming up so I think what's what's brought it on I'm on propranolol but don't seem to be working now bin on that about 5months now x

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  • Hi ya

    Unfortunately i cant help as new to all of this but wondered if you could answer something for me? Iv recently been told i have anxiety and yesterday had what i believe to have been an attack, i felt dizzy, trembling, kike i was going to pass out etc, a day later im still having symptons and alot of head and nose pressure, has this ever happened to you? Im so worried theres something else wrong and that im going to die, is this anxiety taking over? Thank you

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