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Scary panic attacks

Hello there, anyone ever tried panic attacks at night? Last night I awaken with a very serious and scary panic attack,my heart felt racing,I was shaking,cold flushes,tingling and numbness in my feet and hands? I don't get it, how did I get panic attack while asleep..( note I'm dealing health anxiety for 2 months now) I'm hoping for your very positive reply. Sorry for my poor grammar. Hard to focus. Godbless

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Hi, this is one of the most common times for panic attacks to happen as you are relaxed. When it happens to me I try and control my breathing and count my breaths, in one, out two etc to 100 and then start again. Because I'm concentrating on doing that it does calm me down. I know it's easy to say but try not to panic about the sensations as this will make it worse. X


Can you give me more tips on how to control it? It strikes me out of the blue. Seriously,.

I don't know,I can't cope with it. I'm so nervous and scared now


Hi, I also listen to visualisation exercises when I get them during the night, this gives me something else to focus on and takes the mind away from the feelings. X


Hi. Sorry to read of your distressing situation. I can imagine how awful it is to be suddenly awakened by a panic attack. It might be helpful to think about some of the possible reasons for this happening. The first thing is that panic attacks are a psychological issue and often happen when the mind is left to its own devices. When we are asleep there are few distractions, no tv, no radio, no games to play, and always there is anxiety lurking, looking to find a way in. For some people that way will be found when sleep comes. However, there may be additional issues to think about, such as breathing disorders like sleep apnea for example, which may contribute to sleeping panic attacks. Your doctor will be able to arrange for tests to identify any physical reasons for your condition. I wish you well.


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