Anxiety/medication hell please help

Hey guys I'm new to the site just wanted to get some feedback, help, advice ANYTHING. This is what my life in a nutshell in the past year or so.

For years I have been living with anxiety but when recently I just don t even know if this is anxiety or not. I m going to do my best and describe what I ve been feeling. Starting going back over 6/7 months ago I had my first True panic attack which ended up in the emergency room. Dizzy, heart racing.. Felt like I was having a heart attack. Anyways ever since that first one I haven t had another one but I have not felt the same mentally ever since. I don t feel like old me. I used to be more sharp like mentally and more outgoing. It sounds like depression but I don t feel that I do. My doctor prescribed me venlafaxine to help with my feelings of nothing feeing real and "derealization". The medicine took care of that now I am HORRIBLE. like my brain is in a fog 24/7. I m becoming dumb I feel like day by day. My mind is in a blur and I feel like I m going crazy from it. I don't feel like myself mentally not physically. Everything about how I go about my day is different. I spend so much time trying to figure out what is really going on with me and I can't quite figure it out. My perception of things are off and one of the bigger things is that my memory is horrible. And never was. I had great memory now I'll forget the most simple thing. I have to really think hard to remember things.Sorry for all the out of place notes and grammar , I m trying to get it all out my best way. I REALLY hope someone can help with this,Thank you


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  • A lot of people get like this after their first panic attack you have become very fixated on how you feel and you are now living internally. All the memory problems and brain fog are completely normal with anxiety and depression you will see it on the symptoms list on all the websites. My personal belief is the only way you can get over it is to accept that you have the disorder and not some other health problem and to stop fighting the way you feel and to stop worrying or having fear about all the feelings and symptoms, you need to stop focusing on it all. Easier said then done and it takes a lot of practice. Recovery can take time and come with many set backs which you should be prepared for. I suggest seeing a therapist and reading some self help books on anxiety such as 'hope snd help for your nerves' and 'dare'.

    I wish you all the best :)

  • hi anxiety is a horrible thing I have had it a while now it comes and goes dont worry you are not alone I feel the same like you are going crazy but we are not I have the horrible fuzz head feeling dizziness and my arms and legs ache is awful I feel like im losing control :( im now on sertraline 50mg and have been for 4 weeks I have had a few side effects which isnt nice but ive been advised to keep taking as they can take 6/8 weeks to take full effect if we all spoke about how we feel with anxiety and panic attacks ive learnt that we are all dealing with the same symptoms and can all relate to it but we have to be strong deep breaths and rescue remedy is brilliant u can buy it from ur local chemist it works a treat x

  • Thanks so much for your response! Means a ton

  • It's not easy but many of us learn to live with this. One thing I do know is life does not do what we want. We need to find ways to work with what we have. Stick around, you will learn some things here. Wishing you only well.

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