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Anxiety & sinus issue , & odd habits


I currently am getting over crying from the other night. I had an interesting talk with a person I'm interested in & he broke down to me. It hurt me to see him that way . Well , now , up from my nap, my sinuses are clear . Idk but maybe crying helps with that? :) but it's weird. I've had this odd habit with inhaling & exhaling through my mouth . I've done that since sinuses would bother me , also when anxious . It's odd because before all of this , I've inhaled & exhaled through my nose. Since anxiety, I have all these odd habits including , burping like crazy & inhaling & exhaling through the mouth or I don't say or write certain words because they make me think certain things. Well , back to this one habit . I mentioned my sinuses were clear for a bit & it made me get different vibes I wanted to go back to my habit where I was comfortable. I was inhaling& exhaling through the nose for a bit & it was weird. Anyone else have like weird habits , including the mouth thing ? Are there ways to overcome that? Any tips or advice ? I want to share whatever weird habits you guys might have from anxiety & maybe we could give others advice. 💞😊

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I have noticed that when my nose is plugged up and i have to breathe thru my mouth i am less anxoius. I have a deviated septum so i usually have hard time breathing rhru my nose and i feel it is connected to my anxiety


Ever since I developed anxiety I breathe only through my mouth, cant seem to breathe right through my nose...


i also feel off balance quite often and have to carry around a bag or a blanket to"even myself out"


Breathing through our mouth seems to go hand in hand with being anxious. We have to retrain ourselves. Learning to belly breathe is the best way. (like a baby does) Unless you've been practicing this, it is hard to just start doing slow breathing when over the top. The best way is to practice deep slow breathing when you are lying down or sitting. Place hand on your belly and inhale. If done right your hand should move, hold it for 4-6 counts and then slowly exhale. It does work in calming you down.

It also helps with that cloudy, dizzy feeling in your head. Also hydration helps immensely.


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