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Can sinuses cause anxiety?

I'm just wondering can me being stuffy all the time cause this cloudy, out of body, head pressure, chills in head? Just wondering if anyone ever thought sinuses can cause these weird head symptoms?

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Yes, you might have an allergy..

Have you had it checked by a doctor?

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No they all tell me you have anxiety.. here zoloft but I'm afraid to take it

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Anxiety it is then.

Why are you afraid to take it?

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You know if it is only anxiety then it won't do you any harm.

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I'm afraid of the side affects ... I have 4 children and in afraid I won't respond right or won't cope or will get worse symptoms.

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Seek a second opinion. I have battled anxiety all my life andno that's not anxiety I have been nursing for 19+ yrs now. Sounds like allergies and a possible sinus infection which comes with allergies I would say go to an er don't tell them what part doctors have said just the symptoms ur having and my guess is they'll tell u what iI what did and find u some antibiotics and allergy medicine such as either zyrtec and zofran sensimist together (which works the best) or a claritin. Both available over the counter as well if u just wanna go buy some and start taking them and put Cold wash cloth on ur eyes and nasal area. See how that works for u and if u still have sinus pressure after a few days go get antibiotics but if u do the zyrtec n zofran nasal spray that should honestly work. But i'm a mother of 4 and was given zoloft and it didn't react well with my body prozac worked best for me. But i think from ur symptoms it's allergies. Now if ur having fear,sweat palms biting ur lips playing with ur ear , racing heart beat feeling chest pains nervousness feelings of death dizziness fear of crowds fear of leaving ur home that's all anxiety.

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Okay from what you wrote it sounds like I have allergies plus anxiety


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Hi im also not taking meds because of being scared of side affects and feeling worse on them I have deppression and anxiety

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Yes you can get anxiety and depression if you have chronic sinusitis. Have you had any antibiotics?

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A while ago for an ear infection.

worry beget worry. worry does much harm and offers little aid.

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