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Mysterious Pain

With her head hung low

and nowhere to go

She can't explain

this mysterious pain

It comes on so fast

How long will it last

Her heart is just pounding, her head starts to spin

Please go away, she does not want you in

She's uncontrollably crying

It feels like she's dying

Her body is trembling, her hands start to shake

She feels so helpless with this horrible ache

Someone, please help her, make this go away

She can't stand to feel this way one more day

Someone, please help her, she's down on her knees

She's scared and helpless and hopes no one sees

With her head hung low

not knowing where to go

She tries to explain

This mysterious pain

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You express yourself so well through your poetry , you have a talent there :-)

I hope you are having a good day :-)

Take Care x

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