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Anxiety, depression?

Hi my name is max and I'm 26 years old, iv have weird issues with my body since 9th grade, I get weird feelings, feel dizzy, feel out of my body and it freaks me out, I spent a year just being alone because I couldn't be around people because nothing felt real, iv been to er, doctors, etc and they say I have anxiety and depression. I have been on sertraline 50mg since 2006 and in 2014 have switched to 100mg, I'm usually "ok" but I get episodes that last for days or weeks of feeling nauseous and dizzy and have headaches daily. It's scary and freaks me out and it's difficult to find a good way to cope. Some things set it off worse than others and then I start thinking it's some thing worse, I feel like the only way or wording how I feel is lost touch with reality at times. I feel like I'm the only one feeling like this and then of course thinking about it makes it all worse, when I feel like this I just want to stay in bed all day or sleep waiting for these feelings to dissappear and feel normal again. There is so much more to say I just need help to feel good again.

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Anxiety and depression can cause all of the symptoms you described. Your not alone. I feel like this on a daily basis,I know how you feel and it really sucks.I'm always scared or feel on edge and feel like crying or sometimes I feel so empty with no emotion bc ive drove myself crazy thinking about it.just stay strong,your not alone at all.I hope one day we can all get to feeling better.I'll pray for you!

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It sounds to me like your experiencing depersonalization. I have gone through this and Its terrible. Its like you don't even have control over anything because you can't rasp what is actually happening because everything seems so surreal. Its like I was watching myself, not like it was even me. IM sorry you're going through this it does go sway eventually. Have you tried any other medications! Xo


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