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So scared 😱


Hi everyone happy thanksgiving to my lovely USA friends..

So my anxiety is MANIC right now as you all know had my second excision on Monday everything seem to be fine so today I get the results it’s abnormal and what’s scared me is it’s says depth of invasion: deep reticular dermis and then says it’s present in tip-margin but clear on 180 flip

I know this is doctor and pathology lingo but I’m petrified it’s spread anyone who’s had this or know of someone that is going through it please help I’m so anxious I’ve not stop worrying about it and my anxiety has made me not want to eat and it’s through the roof I know I’ve had quite a few people on here who’s had this before but just worried out my mind I’m absolutely scared it’s spreading I’m scared it’s in my blood or tissue and blood vessels

Thanks a very petrified Nat xxx

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Oh Nat.. I'm sorry to hear this however, what does the doctor say the next step is?

Everything we do in life is one step at a time. I'm with you through this xx

Natzsteveo in reply to Agora1

Nothing I haven’t heard from him yet I recieved a message to say I had new test results on my nhs app so I looked and now I’m a mess thinking it’s spreading xxx

in my thoughts fingers crossed for you Nat.

Natzsteveo in reply to kenster1

Thanks my lovely hope you’re well xx


Hello Nat :-)

I so wish they would not send us these results through especially when we don't understand them and of course been HA sufferers we are going to read negatives straight away even though we don't understand what they mean we will think we do

I would imagine your Doctor will have those results maybe before you did and if this was really serious would have been making a call telling you so

Try and give the surgery a ring and tell them what this has cause and can someone explain what this means because the state you are in , insist they do !

I think it will be fine but know till you hear them tell you that me saying so will not mean much in a way of comfort for you

A positive is you have been so quick getting this sorted and I feel they will have got everything and you have no worries

I know are own worries feel the worse but I would do you a swap because I am that sure this is all going to be ok

Get that call made if you have not already and see what they say :-)

Take Care x

Natzsteveo in reply to Hidden

Hi lulu

I didn’t get much sleep last night as you know yourself what it’s like

Dr rang me this morning basically I’ve got the skin of a 75 year old women instead of a 45 year old??? Sun damage he’s got most of the bcc out just a tiny bit left over the dermatologist wants to see me to get out the rest although my dr don’t think it’s necessary but I said I’d rather get it all out so I don’t dwell on it knowing it’s still some there so he’s made me a face to face appointment with him next Friday to discuss what I want to do hope you’re doing ok how’s your heart xxxx

Hidden in reply to Natzsteveo

Hello :-)

Glad the Doctor got back to you and maybe your skin is older because of the Sun but the good thing is tat it does not look it :-)

I think well I know I would also have that last little bit out and remember it is just a little bit and then it is al gone and I would not let him talk you out of it and I am sure you won't so we are nearly there and it has not spread and after this you will start to be careful in the Sun and everything will be fine :-)

Mentally and physically I am not doing well , all these meds having lot's of side effects , the fear , the what if's I am on my knees with worry as you always have it on your mind I wonder what it is like now how bad has it left it and I do not even get a consultation call till the 15th Dec and as for another scan well if I am not getting a call till then I think we know chances of a scan before next year is not going to happen , and I have no clue till it does what is happening so think positive that you do and one more little bit and it is done and it can't kill you , it as been caught and you are getting the treatment you need :-)

Let us now how your appointment goes , I am sure you will be ok even though I get you will worry but you will look back on this and be able to say I got through it :-) x


I have had Mohs surgery before. Is that what you have had? They should have sent you there because they get it all in one office visit...little by little and leave less of a scar.

I had one that was quite deep when I was 21 (on my upper arm) when they did not have Mohs and it took a couple of visits and it has not ever returned. many years later. I know you will be fine, sounds like the Dr. just missed a spot. Please try not to worry. The Dr.will take good care of you and it will all just be a memory soon.

I will be thinking of you and waiting to hear .....

Hi @cicinoodle

Ive only really had a biopsy at my gp’s and he cut another large deeper piece out on Monday and I got the results and there is still another bit in there so my go says he don’t think I need anymore but I said I’d rather go to dermatologist next to get it all out once and for all which I assume is MOHs so I’m at my drs next Friday to discuss me going to a dermatologist next thanks for the reassurance it means so much to me

Nat xx

Hi again Nat

I had a couple like you have, and my Dr. said to leave or have a bigger scar. I followed his advice and have not had it return.

Sometimes they get it all and it is just too close to the border and the biopsy can't tell for sure.

If you do go back be sure he sends you to Mohs...or is excellent at stitching up... especially if on your beautiful face. Some Dr's are better than others. I am from California, so that won;t help with a Doctor choice.

but good to hear you are ok.

Remember that sunblock!

I spent many hours on the beach when young and have paid the price :(

Hug for you and hope you are eating again.

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