Hello, Jonathan here,

I am not feeling any pain in my ears.I don't vomit too. Just pressure in my head,eyes and cheek in constant. Feel better in bed. But if I am active,suffering starts til all day. Excuse my grammar. Can't focus


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  • Hi Jonathan, I get head pressure as one of my anxiety symptoms, I used to really stress about this which made it worse. Are u under any stress at the moment? Do u sleep enough? Stay hydrated and have you been for an eye test recently? Lots of questions I know x

  • Yes I got my eyes checked,ECG,blood tests, all went out normal. My doctor said that I am having a tension head ache due to chronic anxiety.

  • Hi

    That's sound a like blocked sinuses? Have you spoken to you go about theses symptoms?

    Stress and anxiety could be a cause but best to get checked and ruled out Lils

  • I can breath normally from my nose. But I have a sinusitis issue before. Only dizziness and head pressure. I wish it will go away

  • Hi I have similar tension. I also get a blocked up feeling in my ear like you'd get on a plane. I'm currently trying to find out more about magnesium and it's benefits on anxiety symptoms.

  • Do you get dizzy and pressure too all day?

  • Not every day but I usually wake up feeling quite alright and then gradually throughout the day it gets worse.

  • I get the pressure in my ear everyday and intermittent head pressure, feels like someone has a band round my head and pulling it tight. I also have tinnitus brought on by the anxiety

  • Tension head ache

  • Sounds like allergies, you need decongestant ! Could have sinus infection, go see your GP .

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