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Stress added to anxiety

Last night was one of those nights where I kept tossing and turning. I tried going to bed about 1030 pm and didn't get to sleep until 530 am. I only slept for about 4 or 4.5 hours. I have extra stress right now and the anxiety will kick in and it feels like my chest is cloaing, my heart is hardly beating and I get so aggravated. Ahh. Any feedback.

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I have the same type of issues, one of the things that help me.. (not all the time but one night is better than none) is the mask you put on your eyes to block out the light..


i hope u feel better, have u tried exercise? i been working out and its really helped me a lot!...small exercise...working my way up...

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I started again and ita helping.. plus prayers


glad, i been praying for u.


Hope exercise will help you in relieving stress and get better sleep at night...

I also suggest focus on a healthy diet and avoid junk food..


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